There was a pale horse

...and Hell rode with him.

17 April
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My name is Jacob; carrier of the Wheel and the Ladder.

This poster belies its true nature.
The man with the large throat is Satan.

Laudate Dominum meum
Corde voto Deo toto

Psallam Patrem nostrum
Quamdiu fuero

Laudate Dominum meum
Corde voto Deo toto

Pac in nomine Domini
Dominus tecum

Gloria Patriae et Filio, da pacem
Gloria Patriae et Filio, da pacem
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc
Et semper, et in saecula saeculorum
Magnificat anima mea pacem

O praise the Lord; my heart's
Intentions are all the Lord's

I will give praise to our Father
As long as I shall be

O praise the Lord; my heart's
Intentions are all the Lord's

Peace in the name of the Lord
The Lord is with thee

Glory be to the Father and the Son, give peace
Glory be to the Father and the Son, give peace
As it was and the beginning, and now
And forever, and for generations of generations
My soul glorifies peace

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ganados are love
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Shibuya = Clothing and Fashion
Kabukicho = Red Light District
Roppongi = Grenwich Village for Sellouts
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